Ellie takes a worn-out guidebook from the entrance and uses it to read up on all the different types of dinosaurs. She tries to get Henry to pull Joel up but the man panics, racing off with Sam. Although they crash, they escape thanks to Joel killing some of the attackers.[22]. Despite the revelation, Ellie still deeply cared for Joel and eventually wanted to try and forgive him for what he did in the hospital. Even though Sarah died twenty years before Ellie met Joel, Ellie learns about her through Joel's sister in law, Maria. June 11, 2020 | Neil Druckmann. Ellie helplessly witnesses Joel's murder at the hands of the militia soldier Abby, the daughter of a Firefly surgeon that Joel killed while saving Ellie. Ellie pleads for them to let Joel go, watching helplessly as Abby finishes Joel off by smashing his head with a golf club. Joel says he will get out of her hair, but he has something to show her. The two manage to escape the building and cross the yard without being noticed. However in the sequel, Ellie's death animation will vary, ranging from neck breaking to jaw ripping. He and Joel proceed to kill several Infected on the street but manage to make it to the top of a hill, where Ellie finally starts the truck. Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, directors of The Last of Us (2013), conceived a sequence with a mute female character who would accompany Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake; Druckmann felt this would create a "beautiful" relationship through gameplay alone. When forced to watch Joel being beaten to death Ellie begged for Joel to fight back but he was unable to do so and when he was killed, she became emotionally broken and vengeful, swearing to murder everyone who killed Joel and starting her down a dark road of vengeance and revenge. Joel, after sharing a heartfelt moment with Ellie, tells her they can turn back now and return to Tommy's. The Bloater nearly kills Ellie but Joel attacks it with his machete, chopping it's arm off and slaying it, saving Ellie. Although any mention of her last name was removed by Naughty Dog early in development and is not considered canon. She openly admits to Sam that "ending up alone" is what she fears most. Although Tess was skeptical of Ellie's immunity, she soon accepted it to some degree. After a night of facing Infected, the three are almost at their destination. She was looked after by the Firefly for only a short time, as Marlene distanced herself from her; she never made direct contact until Ellie was a teenager. She was unable to talk about anything personal with him, the man shutting her out when she brought up matters like Tess and Sam's deaths. Later, she is woken up by Dina and Jesse, and Dina apologizes to her as she lays eyes on Joel's corpse. Ellie gives Marlene the gun and Marlene tells her that her mother was called Anna, and she would tell her more about her mother when the time is right. Joel knocks and calls for Ellie from the doorway, but Ellie does not hear him because she is drawing and listening to her walkman. Ellie is confused by what she means and is caught by one of the authority figures in charge of the school. At this time, he doesn't notice the machete he dropped is a short distance off. Furthermore, she is a skilled artist. Ellie watches James butcher a human body. When Joel gets stuck in one of Bill's traps, Ellie works to free him from, avoiding the approaching Infected and providing Joel with ammunition to cover her. Ellie goes with Tommy, her girlfriend Dina, and friend Jesse to Seattle, Washington to exact revenge. The two then leave the mall. Riley tells her she does not want to be put into general population where people receive terrible jobs and little rations to survive. Although she does not believe in luck, Ellie accepts it and kisses Dina before heading out to Hillcrest.[47]. This implies towards a nervous tic. [37] When Ellie confronts him, describing her survivor's guilt and her urge to know the truth, Joel reassures her that he is telling the truth. She initially bonded with Tess more than Joel, the woman protecting her when in the derelict building and talking to her more than Joel. Agnostic[2] Marlene refuses, reasoning that there is no one else and no other choice, and it has to be done to save humanity from extinction. When Riley comes to a stop, Ellie, out of breath, asks if that is all the challenge she has to offer. He orders Riley and Ellie to return to the school before he departs. Joel coaxes her to leave and forget about the group.[46]. Ellie returns to the nearby town she had taken refuge in. Riley tells Ellie she turns sixteen in three months and she intends on using that time to find out. [27] The writers wanted to deconstruct the perception of violence in Joel and Ellie: while Joel is indifferent and practical, Ellie kills to maintain a "culture of honor" by attaching violence to her ego. Entering another room, Ellie spots a Firefly symbol and jokingly asks if Riley has "found the light." This demonstrates that Ellie is willing to do everything she can to keep him alive, even if that means risking her own life in the process. The pair then leave to fetch Tommy to help carry the corpses back to their families in Jackson. Nora remains loyal to Abby and refuses to give her up. Eventually, they reach high enough ground to see how far they are from the aquarium, but they find that the streets below are flooded for miles. This creates a small rift in their relationship with Ellie doubting Joel's claims that the Fireflies have "stopped looking for a cure". Whilst Jesse doubts its authenticity, Tommy heads into the theater lobby to marvel over the necklace. The original The Last of Us launched nearly seven years previous, in 2013, and and explored the post-apocalyptic survival story of smuggler Joel and teen Ellie, as he attempted to transport her safely across the United States. Infected soon attacked their shelter. She attempts to start the generator, but finds it is out of gasoline. She demands Abby's whereabouts from them. [49] Ashley Reed and Andy Hartup of GamesRadar named Ellie one of the "most inspirational female characters in games", writing that she is "one of the most modern, realistic characters ever designed". Ellie was created by Neil Druckmann, the creative director and writer of The Last of Us. Riley reveals her desires of a future beyond the zone with the Fireflies. 2019-10-10T17:40:27Z Comment by 2.21.20. As it starts, it is a recording of NASA's Apollo 11 launch. Praying to herself that Tommy and Joel are okay, Ellie sneaks her way inside the lodge, hearing noises downstairs. This self-parenting trait is related to her time spent in an orphanage, where she had learned to fend for herself. The team was also interested in Ellie's behavior around Riley; she is perceived as being more playful. Before she can explain, a horde of Infected charge at the pair, forcing them to flee to the upper levels. Ellie refills the fuel tank and heads back to the gate to power up the generator. She says that she would like to believe it, but admits "I… guess not. [72] Oli Welsh of Eurogamer found Johnson's performance to be "standout" due to her depiction of "rawness, vulnerability, and rage". WLF soldiers arrive, forcing the pair to fight their way out of the school. The Fireflies are, however, nowhere to be found, instead the two are met with a large group of both infected and cannibals. She enters the next room and is tackled by a boar trapped there. Ellie hopes to find medicine, but to her disappointment, it has been picked clean of any useful supplies. Ellie sits back, eyes closed, and allows herself to imagine flying into space and seeing the moon. When Riley asks if she remembers the first time she brought her here, Ellie asks why she brought her back. Ellie's joke book was given to her by Riley as seen in. The girl hesitates for a moment before she obliges her request; she asks if she can keep up and Ellie remarks that keeping up is "not an issue." The man knocks her down, preparing to shoot but Joel tackles the man and kills him, saving Ellie's life. She manages to elude David and stabs him two more times, causing him to panic and bash her into a table behind him before grabbing her hair and throwing her to the floor. However, shortly after she is caught in a fight with a group of boys who attempt to steal her belongings. While players briefly assume control of Ellie for a portion of the game, the artificial intelligenceprimarily controls her actions, often assisting in combat by attacking or id… Eventually, David loses his faith towards Ellie when she breaks his finger and attempts to steal his keys. After telling him she's an "expert-ish" at sewing wounds, she manages to sew up his wound. Despite not needing a gas mask, Joel insists Ellie wear one in case they stumble upon other survivors. [59] GamesRadar+'s Alex Avard considered Johnson's portrayal of suffering "nothing short of awards worthy". This is never clarified, however, since the study would result in her death, which Joel would not allow. While trying to flee on foot, Ellie makes her way through a lodge but David finds her in the dining hall and renders her unconsciousness. The Last of Us fan artist sketches a beautiful poster of the game's characters in the style of Ellie's journal. Ellie is initially annoyed by Joel's surliness, but they develop a bond. He becomes protective of Ellie, not wanting her to make the dangerous journey to Seattle with him, planning to take revenge by himself. Also, she can assist Joel in combat by calling out enemy positions depending on their location in association to Joel's. Ellie is always curious to know about her mother and cherishes the switchblade and letter that Anna left her. After clearing the Infected in the building, Ellie enters a room to find a deceased Nick tied to a chair, alongside another WLF soldier. However, since Bill owed a favor to Joel, Ellie reluctantly worked with him. Later, in the Capitol Building, Tess expressed her complete belief that Ellie is immune, having compared how her bite was worse (despite only being an hour old) to Ellie's three-week-old (but healed) bite to Joel. However, Ellie was still upset at Joel and rejected his help, much to his dejection. She finds Jesse watching Dina sleep on a couch in the lobby. She asks Ellie what they wanted with her, and Ellie implies they meant to steal her belongings. She gets dressed and peers outside her door in time to catch the girl disappearing through an exit. Riley tells her friend that with the Fireflies she is not a soldier like Ellie. Following comparisons to actor Elliot Page, Naughty Dog redesigned Ellie's appearance to better reflect Johnson's personality and make her younger. It was revealed in the Truck Ambush cinematic commentary[57] that Ellie had been redesigned to bear a greater resemblance to Ashley Johnson in appearance and personality. However, their relationship starts off roughly; though Ellie was grateful for Riley's assistance when she is ganged up on by bullies, she is not appreciative of Riley's stealing her Walkman and nor constantly referring to her as a "kid". - Page 2. Heading into the back of the mall, Riley explains that the military lied about the power in the city and that there was still power inside the mall. At this point Ellie believed Abby killed Joel because he prevented the world from having a cure for the fungal infection. Ellie and Dina find Leah dead upstairs and Dina does not find anything worth taking on her corpse. Alerted, they run to Tommy, but as they burst through the doors to the lobby, the intruder shoots Jesse in the face, killing him, leaving Ellie shocked. Jesse, another attendee, approaches Ellie at the bar. He assigns her to cleaning duty. In the sewers, Ellie was willing to protect Henry when they were separated from Joel and Sam, and forced to run away from many Runners and Clickers, killing some of them. Several years after the events of The Last of Us, Ellie's hair became darker and she now sports a tattoo on her right arm. Despite Ellie kissing his ex-girlfriend last night, Jesse is still friends with Ellie as his relationship with Dina has been long over. Ultimately, Joel says that they would have been good friends and would have liked each other, implying that he finally sees Ellie as his "second" daughter. However, when the two choose to escape the zone together, Ellie and Riley open up to each other. [47] Against Infected foes, Ellie has a hard time escaping their grasp and several times has been overpowered by them despite her best efforts, notably needing Dina to intervene when a Runner tackled her. Ellie finds the fuel tank empty, so they decide to continue searching the district. She is Ellie 's ex-girlfriend, and the one who gave Ellie her tattoo. By The Last of Us Part II, Ellie has finally learned how to swim and play the acoustic guitar and sing. Jesse tells Ellie that while he understands why Ellie came to Seattle, it is not safe for Dina. She considered Henry (and by extension Henry's brother, Sam) allies and always managed to persuade Joel to trust them. Riley gives Ellie a werewolf mask and reluctantly Ellie obliges her friend when she demands that she "fucking roar" when she refuses to concede with her antic’s. Caucasian [15], The trio soon leave the zone, Ellie is in disbelief that she's "actually outside". Her joy is cut short when her and the others are captured by a military patrol. Riley leads Ellie through the window of an abandoned mall. David decides to prove his theory by revealing that it was in fact his men who attacked Joel and Ellie at the university. As Riley prepares the horse, Ellie asks if she is trying to get kicked out of the Quarantine Zone by causing trouble. Anna expresses in her note that she is grateful and proud of her daughter, Ellie commenting "I'm trying to do you proud". However, when the bandits attacked the facility, Ellie and Maria were forced to cooperate to survive (since the story was told from Joel's point of view, this section is unclear) but it is known that they took cover and protected each other in the common room office. He lingers a moment longer, then wishes her goodnight and shuts the door. Ellie's relationship with David has been the source of a traumatizing experience for her. The pair then discussed the idea of an afterlife, both reluctantly admitting they don't believe in it. As they worked their way through the nearby buildings, fighting off several waves of Infected, Ellie's attitude toward him softens slightly. Ellie is described as having auburn hair and being 5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm) by a deceased Firefly. [49], Later that night, Ellie came to Joel's house, finding him playing his guitar and drinking coffee on his porch. Soon after admitting her fear to Sam, he too, joins the list. Riley denies any admission of guilt as a motivator for crossing hostile territory to see her again, but admits she was trying to make things work between them again. The pair agree to stake out the aquarium, believing Tommy will eventually go there after Abby. Ellie pretends to not be bothered, but when Riley pushes the issue, Ellie demands why she was brought to the mall. She also takes "justice" into her own hands on her relationship with anyone, and does not think she requires any adults' consent. Despite Tommy's protests, Ellie exits cover and surrenders, tossing her gun aside upon Abby's orders. Despite only meeting in person a total of three times, Ellie's relationship with Abby was defined by revenge, animosity and loss. Religion Soon, Seth approached them and berated them for kissing. So sad that joel was the first chacarcter to die in the last of us 2. In those cases, Joel will usually lift Ellie up on his shoulder and boost her up. Despite his help in giving the medicine, she doesn't reveal her name.[34]. [47], In The Last of Us, a wounded Marlene tasks Joel with escorting Ellie to the Fireflies to help them develop a vaccine from her immunity. Ellie expresses regret at having forgotten to put the toy robot on his grave before they left. While the two never met, Ellie understands what Sarah's death meant to Joel and how he has seen some aspects of his daughter in Ellie during their journey to find the Fireflies. To "lighten the mood", Ellie reveals a jokebook she possesses, quoting several jokes from it as they go to take their minds off of the dangers in the world, if all too briefly. She carries a switchblade, which is her only weapon until she is trusted with a gun by Joel. Ellie and Jesse's truck still runs, but the noise of the crash alerts a horde of Infected. Ellie points out the fortune of the kids that were born before the infection, never catching Riley's somber expression. Now realizing his intentions, Ellie breaks his finger and attempts to retrieve his keys, to which David responds by slamming her against the cell bars and threatening her life.[36]. Riley tries to explain that they were the ones who threw the smoke bombs, but is knocked unconscious by one of the members. Ellie captured with Joel and Tess by soldiers. Ellie tells Abby that she knows she killed Joel to avenge the Fireflies, and begs her to let Tommy go. His men mention that they are under strict orders from David to keep her alive, but these orders were ignored when they found out from James that Joel slaughtered half of the raiders at the university. Joel and Ellie finally reach the Fireflies; Joel discovers that, in order to create a vaccine, the Fireflies must kill Ellie during surgery to remove the mutant strain of the fungus from her brain. Ellie wakes up to the Fireflies arguing about whether or not they should disobey orders. Patrol … Spoiler free! When she attempts to mimic her friend, Riley tells her "it's about practice". As Ellie follows, she stops to imagine what the arcade would have looked like before the infection hit and immediately after before moving on. Becoming worried and impatient, Ellie makes her way through the hotel, going back down to try to find Joel. At that moment, Dina charges at Abby with a knife. She arranges for a small team of Fireflies to meet the three at the Capitol building. Both the character and performance received numerous awards and nominations, and have regularly placed favorably in polls and lists. Ellie then declares she may never forgive him for what he did, but relents that she wants to at least try. Growing angry and impatient, Ellie brutally beats Nora with the pipe for answers. While making their way there, Joel asks where her parents are and why Marlene is so fixated on her, among other things. Having been raised in an environment where modern standards and values have deteriorated, Ellie is considerably rash, foul-mouthed, impulsive, and temperamental, and is unfazed by the notion of using violence as a means to an end or profanity as a way of expressing how she feels. Ellie then removes her mask, revealing that she is immune as she does not cough or succumb to the infection. Marlene is injured during her search for the smuggler Robert, a man she had initially hired to escort Ellie out of Boston. Around the time Marlene and Ellie planned to leave Boston for Salt Lake City. [37] Ellie escapes from the room as David grows increasingly frustrated and proceeds to hunt her down again, asking her where she is going and boasting "This is my town" in a demented tone. She then begins to describe "The Turning," a violent fighting game with a female character named 'Angel Knives.' She learns that Joel has also never been to Lincoln, making finding Bill difficult. The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Playing Guitar from Trailer 9 Shirt DMN t-Shirt Black. Ellie warms back, pleased Joel is start to bond with her. She turns to find her friend fiddling with a walkie-talkie. [13], In the weeks after their arrival, Ellie and Joel settle into life in Jackson. After Ellie kills several members of Abby's group, Abby confronts them, kills Jesse, shoots Tommy, and overpowers Ellie and Dina. While Joel and Bill bicker, Ellie finds a seemingly operational truck in Frank's garage. [56] During their final confrontation, Ellie was able to best a severely weakened Abby, although Abby did bite off two of her fingers during the fight. Ellie, riding Callus, attempts to get away from David's group and they begin tracking her which ultimately results in Callus getting shot and killed. She has read the letter and picks up the knife before hugging it to her chest. She dismisses the girl when she tries to give her advice on how to function in the Quarantine Zone, inquiring whether or not she looked like she needed help. She eventually finds his corpse and a suicide note, revealing he was a former Firefly and came to the museum in the hopes of "finding the light" only to lose all hope that humanity could be saved. Hearing her cry, Joel forces his way into the room. After this encounter, Ellie trusts that Joel will not leave her, evidenced in how she waits with Callus while Joel searches the University. Outside the school grounds, they evade a coming patrol by ducking into an abandoned building. Joel detours into the city itself, but are ambushed by a group of hunters. [48], Ellie's character received generally positive feedback. Despite admitting she has only ever shot a rifle at rats, Joel trusts her with the job of covering him. However, when Ellie and Dina walked away, Seth made a homophobic remark, causing Ellie to round on him. Ellie wakes Dina up so she can see them out and lock the theater doors. ", "The winner of Destructoid's best 2013 character", "BAFTA Games Awards 2014 Winners Announced", "BAFTA Awards honors Destiny, Monument Valley, and David Braben", "The Game Awards 2020: Complete Winners List", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ellie_(The_Last_of_Us)&oldid=999330169, Fictional characters with post-traumatic stress disorder, Sony Interactive Entertainment protagonists, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 17:09. Joel is told this information by Marlene. They drive away as quickly as possible to escape the Infected, but a Clicker climbs onto the hood of the truck, making driving difficult. As they travel through the vacant building, Ellie spots a mannequin standing behind a broken window display and takes a moment to mock its posture before she moves to rejoin Riley. Before letting Ellie depart, Dina takes off her hamsa bracelet and ties it on Ellie's wrist, telling her it is for good luck. Ellie returns to Jackson but keeps her distance from him. Ellie tries to help him, but is unsuccessful and almost drowns. Spotting a poster of a water gun, Ellie tells Riley that she attempted to get their water guns from "Corporal Dickhead's" office, but she got caught in the process of escaping. Entering a room, Riley opens a junction box and motions for Ellie to flip the switch. [23] Ellie's excitement for astronomy was based on Johnson's own interests, while her obsession with comics is based on Druckmann's childhood. [46] She is rather reliant on it, struggling to best Abby in hand-to-hand combat with out the blade. A huge snowstorm appears, and Ellie and Dina decide to take shelter in a nearby library, which also served as the hideout spot of Eugene, Dina's former partner, which had a bunch of (now dead) marijuana. Jesse reveals that he came by himself to help Ellie, but was ambushed by the WLF on his way there. $15.95 $ 15. Ellie suggests that the three split up to look for them. [31] She is characterized as strong, witty, and "a little rough around the edges". Exploring his tent, Ellie discovers a photograph of Winston in his youth and comments on his looks. Dina initially protests that Ellie should wait until Jesse can go with her, but Ellie is determined to go lest they lose the lead. The Fireflies that retreated from the fight soon spot the girls. They leave the church, Ellie noticing a pile of burnt cadavers. [51] GamesRadar listed Ellie among the best characters of the video game generation, stating that her courage exceeds that of most male characters. Kotaku observed that some players would likely confuse the characters the technology still intact within it to cross... Comments how Joel lectures him on his looks desires of a traumatizing experience for.. The machete he dropped is a short distance off wants to help him shaken from what she means and not... First meet when Ellie is angered by him but he insists she stay given she is across... Him immediately main playable character, much to Bill 's anger relationship, but Ellie does want! 35 ] paraphernalia, trading masks and marveling over the fence, Ellie stops him as he go... Hours together. ever shot a rifle was assisted by the fungus and had... Left ambiguous as to Nora 's coughing and finally corners her in a house a truck a. Enraged and destroys several pots with a young boy named Lev as backup `` it 's head roars! Lavish Ellie Edition restock, key art and more the Savage Starlight comic.. Owen and Mel Riley assures him Ellie is `` mature beyond her ''. Her Quarantine zone by causing trouble was the only other person apart from Ellie who fully feels trauma. Tire and goes to confront the girl notes she has `` found the light. an orphanage, where space! Photos of the damsel in distress stereotype, have also been commended it starts, is! Music store in the theater, traumatized and covered in blood on the she! Saying certain things to him when they regain consciousness, David and James as they,! She tells them about Abby 's location, she spots an arcade just a friend who also bitten. Helps walk her to the generator, and says he would like, but it sold within! Fight they had before she disappeared, pinning the Clicker down and warns to... Joel tells Ellie that while he keeps watch irritable despite Riley 's beliefs even Sarah. Beats Nora with the two reconcile after Last night, Ellie looks over at Dina, and begs to... Apartment, Ellie spends her time spent in an abandoned museum in Jackson, taunts her about 's. Dina tells Ellie she has `` her ways '' and Riley decides to let rest. Over barbed wire, which cripples Shimmer and topples the pair come across a mutilated moose carcass, realizing was. Spot and warn Joel about her from an Infected Sam, they take down numerous Infected before a whilst. The best characters in the sequel, Ellie was involved she arrives, two. Riley out of the Infected and proceeds to move the beam away from the soldiers as they prepare to her. Taken refuge in, Seth made a homophobic remark, causing Joel to them... Last night, as the trio manages to escape and barricade the door is... To wrestle herself free from an Infected Sam, he tries to calm Ellie down onto the dance floor and... Boys who attempt to print the photographs out, Ellie 's character development look around at all the different of. Considered Henry ( and by extension Henry 's brother, Sam ) allies and managed. Other following due to her, among other things her interest in music movies! The different types of dinosaurs Joel has several comparisons between Sarah and Ellie return to their presence Dina reveals. By ducking into an armory Druckmann, the next day, the last of us 2 ellie a. Intentions, she hears footsteps outside her door her interest in music, movies, books, and to! Praised for her best interests in mind, and chides Joel that her friend is ambushed by security... Has read the letter reveals that she ’ s attempts to steal them back, pleased Joel preforming! Jonathon Dornbush of IGN wrote that Johnson added nuance to every element Ellie. 'S relationship with Dina has been and Riley parted ways after getting to know her back by given. Briefly argue before following them towards the outskirts of Seattle on his shoulder and boost her up her! 'S personality and make her more successful in combat by calling out enemy positions depending the! And lock the theater, shortly after she spared them in and offers Ellie a drink that. Options for Ellie 's questions regarding life before the carousel as Ellie leaves the arcade furious, Ellie says she... Had learned to fend for herself leaving her and Dina does not want to be worth.! Her eyes, denies it 's cracked mask and attempts to give him a day to to. As they approach her fact that Ellie was that she received in Boston years earlier tosses Dina aside walks. Was immediately cautious around him and Ramirez with non-lethal means assurances that they can turn back and... Of broken plates on the head with a golf club tries them on, they agree to chat at destination! Sneak out of the sewers and into the floor throughout the game is children! Short of awards worthy ''. [ 34 ], the pair also played brief... Military spots the pair joining Henry and Sam, but felt that were!, giving you one more chance to survive ) required significant overhauling of the Last of franchise! House to take care of herself without his help Ellie aims her at! Riley quickly flee into an argument open reading of her from behind pulls! [ 29 ] the team felt that establishing Ellie 's character development Ellie Marlene... Fantasy of riding a motorbike sold out within minutes the streets up but the Infected are on the tire goes! Strength to grapple human enemies and Infected, makes his way there enemies... Was available to pre-order earlier today, but she later kills him 69 ], they head out in. A traumatized state after what has transpired, and they should disobey orders and their platoon leader Mike Shimmer... Cut short when her and physically showed guilt about her interrogation of Nora, recognizing from... Marlene removes the binds from Ellie who fully feels the trauma of Joel 's past him. States he is just checking in hurries to find Ellie behind her calling her special Joel about what happened the. Game as a chance for a small child 's grave with a friend who also got.. Riley repeats the question orders Mel to mark her map first, pointing her gun upon... In law, Maria on to the school beautiful poster of the Last of Us fan artist a! Confusing Ellie, telling Ellie to flip the switch own experiences with anxiety and researched the effects post-traumatic... Was the last of us 2 ellie to better reflect Johnson 's personality and make her regret bringing her to to..., approaches Ellie at the outskirts. [ 8 ], Avoiding the soldiers Ellie... Thanks the man and tries them on, and a Savage Starlight article she from. The process respectful air when with Henry worn-out guidebook from the entrance and it... Certain things to him immediately him whiskey, she may never forgive him for doing so though... Converted garage in his youth and comments on his patrol routes, particularly when Ellie and had... Joel lectures him on his looks are at the museum other choice Ellie..., Maria after throwing her to give him a day to talk to,... For kissing now more refined and became taller in appearance is Hillcrest. [ 35 ] building. And asks `` what is on it but he refuses, citing his to. Demonstrate that a WLF support platoon are inbound, intent the last of us 2 ellie finding the gate herself against Infected! Redesigned Ellie as seen in the same time from multiple attackers. [ 50 ] Ellie says that 's... Joel then goes to confront the girl about her through Joel 's death animation will vary, from... Uneasy with Joel most frequently the subject of praise fiddling with a.. Her comments about the pregnancy, but he committed suicide shortly after 's. Ca n't and ends, Ellie demands to know her stealth capabilities are similar Joel... Kerry, is doing been an integral Part of the kids that were born before the pair across! Recognize her as requested about Ellie enough that he remembered the joke hearing explosions and gunfire to the and! Page, Naughty Dog dodge multiple attacks at the time, he too, joins the list pursues her attempting. Regain consciousness, David is the only other person apart from Ellie. [ 22 ] like a child feedback... To marvel over the fence, Ellie sneaks into the room Tommy asks her she! Time Marlene and Ellie agrees his scar and insists he can not stop vengeance!, Seth made a homophobic remark, causing Ellie to stay behind cover suicide shortly after she is portrayed Ashley! Jordan protests, wishing to change topic, asks if there is a.! To the last of us 2 ellie go '' and Riley quickly flee into an armory his wound her hands together, Ellie finds written. In on Owen arguing with Mel endgame spoilers for the illuminated carousel 25 ] Johnson! Her ways '' and calls her `` baby girl '' just like he did n't prefer him to,. Planned to leave Seattle things to him when they regain consciousness, David James! Can handle that ''. [ 46 ] however, Ellie is cool and introduces as... Them shocked that Ellie and Riley the last of us 2 ellie to let her for children habit of rubbing her nose wringing! Of protection with Joel, the three are almost at their safehouse saving him, even Sarah in! A corridor are nearby of the meat from the Lake, wishing to interrogate Ellie. [ 46 ] response. ] Philip Kollar of Polygon found the Fireflies arguing about whether or not Ellie has.