5 years ago. She then rushed to Luffy after he deflated, who had managed obtain Gol D. Roger's treasure, which she identified to him as an Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale. While her size is 191 centimeters in the manga,[4] Hancock appears to be much taller in the anime (as seen in Impel Down when she and Luffy part ways). In one of the later "data books" published for One Piece, a more detailed design sketch with notes for Hancock were revealed. ". She is only topped by the Fish-Man Island's princess, Shirahoshi. " Seeing as that it wasn't enough to take down Bullet, the group performed a combo attack which destroyed most of the torso, though they were all knocked back right after. When Luffy arrives in Marineford along with some of the ex-inmates of Impel Down she was relieved that he was alright. She then proceeded to destroy some of Hancock's clothing and made a drink to make herself as young as Hancock. )[3] Boa is one of the strongest pirates in the series, having garnered Warlord status when her bounty was just 80 million berries. Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates had returned to Amazon Lily to find a Navy ship waiting offshore. After the other Kuja evacuate the arena, Hancock decides to test Luffy. She is a former Warlord of the Sea, having been stripped of her position after joining the Allied Forces. Jinbe has shown to have a fear of crossing her when he wanted to have some of Luffy's food (that she prepared for Luffy only) and despite their unstable relationship, they are allies against the World Government. In front of them was a 15 year old girl named Monkey D. Boa Thea, daughter of Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock, she was beautiful like her mother, but had the crazy personality like her father, she had long black, blue eyes, she worn a red shirt, blue jean shorts (like her father used to wear) and sandals. Boa Hancock knew Rayleigh, a man, and he was one of her saviors. "I've got to be careful about reprimanding them too for any insolence, lest they begin to discover the full scope of my powers," she also reminded herself. Hancock made her way to Rusukaina and reunited with Rayleigh and Luffy as they discussed what just happened. During her fury, she showed none of her usual calm arrogance. After Luffy defeated Hancock's younger sisters and when Sandersonia's back was about to be revealed to the audience, Luffy sympathetically covered her back as he stated he realized that the sisters would rather die than let the symbol be revealed. Funi English VA: Luffy blocked them but fell into the water. Hancock concealed her aid to Luffy by claiming to be angry that the Marine battleship crossed her path. Hancock boards Momonga's ship to answer the summons, smuggling Luffy aboard inside her clothes, and de-petrifies … Law also has shown to be among the few men who have had no interest in her beauty. If they suppress their emotions, it weakens them and causes extreme pain. So she's continuously lied to them to protect herself and her sisters. This feeling has eroded away, though, as she deeply loves Luffy in spite of his immunity to her. She is a character with long black hair, a voluptuous body, and a confident of arrogant personality. She provided Law and his crew with food and shelter on her island under the terms they did not enter her city. After some time Rayleigh took Luffy to Rusukaina island to train and forbade Hancock to visit him there and to give Luffy food so as to teach Luffy survival and to make him strong. Over the years, despite Elder Nyon's love and mercy, Hancock became cold, burying any warm feelings, kindness, and sensitivity deep within her, and although she would later become the Empress of the Kuja, she was selfish and uncaring towards her people. He agreed, but only illustrated their backs, and an early Boa Hancock design was included among the gallery of rogues. When Whitebeard causes the island and sea to tilt, Hancock wonders if Luffy is alright. Hancock is considered by many people as the most beautiful woman in the world. She even openly declared Luffy as her beloved.[23]. Then, she performed a special move that mysteriously turned the Marines to stone, except for Momonga, who had stabbed his own hand to avoid the effects of her attack. Hancock had been expecting Luffy to be selfish and immoral like all the other men that she had encountered. Bounty: Hancock mistook Luffy's words as a marriage proposal. Even former Admiral Kuzan commented on her skills, stating she is not to be underestimated. This chapter was then animated and sold as a separate OVA titled, One Piece Film Strong World Episode: 0. [49], As Luffy and his crew prepared to head to Fish-Man Island, Hancock and the Kuja Pirates aided them by holding back the Marines. After a couple of days of sailing they reach Impel Down wherein the Marines still consider her to be a pirate and is subjected to a fully body search. When Hancock was twelve years old, she and her sisters were included into the Kuja Pirates crew and were sailing on their ship, when suddenly, they were captured by slavers and sold to the World Nobles. Hancock is a tall, beautiful, and elegant woman with black hair. However, she has stated she owes him a debt which can never be repaid. She had feelings for a “capable” guy for the first time in 29 years of her life, is she supposed to be an evil monster for that? Luffy and Boa Hancock meet again, Luffy and Hancock vs Cidre Guild Bounty Hunters (English Sub) zein13_ 4:23. The weak of willed will pass out, and some stronger enemies will be tamed into temporary submission to the will of the user. The two fought with Hancock having little difficulty against Nightin as Hancock was able to easily dodge her moves and continue to temp her into her charms. Afterwards she goes to visit Luffy’s brother Ace in Level 6 of Impel Down. "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.She is also the "Snake Princess" of Amazon Lily and rules over the Kuja tribe with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world. During her escape from Mary Geoise, she wore rags and her hair was tied in pigtails. While Boa Hancock may be a pretty infamous Warlord, she's still pretty far behind in infamy and power to some of her Warlord compatriots. [31] She attempted to petrify Luffy, but Luffy, being simple-minded, mistook the beam for a Noro Noro Beam (which Foxy used to slow Luffy down several times) and panicked. She has a well proportioned figure compared to her abnormal and huge sisters. Although the age difference to Luffy is big, nothing prevents the two from doing each other see together at the end of ONE PIECE. She is almost always seen with her red and white giant anaconda, Salome. Because the Marines consider the Seven Warlords to still be pirates, Hancock would have to wear Seastone handcuffs and be subject to a full-body search. she's is 29 and he's 17. When Luffy thanked her, she said that was the tenth time that Luffy had called her by her name and asked Nyon if that meant they were engaged. She becomes jealous simply thinking about the fact that he has women in his crew, going so far as to daydream about Luffy choosing them over her. She was so cold, uncaring and selfish even towards most of her fellow Kujas and the citizens of Amazon Lily. She first appeared during the Amazon Lily Arc that began in Volume 53. But just tell me what do you think of it Please ! While her sisters were shocked to see Rayleigh there, Hancock remained single-minded about Luffy, only moments later realizing that Rayleigh was there. Sentomaru confronts her afterward, wondering why she is demolishing Pacifistas left and right despite being a Warlord. Soon after, Sabo, Smoker and finally Trafalgar Law, appeared before her, the latter proposing an alliance to take down, Bullet, though Hancock was originally uninterested. Hancock tells Ace that his brother is coming to rescue him. She also helped in disguising him by giving him her coat and a fake mustache. Hancock interrupted her with a kick to the head, stating she knew that and was why she was sending her crew to do it for her. Nyon replied no, and then asked why Hancock kept moving farther and farther away from Luffy. Finally, Hannyabal takes Hancock and Momonga to the Chief of Impel Down: Magellan, to allow them their request to see Ace. To date, it's never been confirmed why Oda adjusted the character's earliest vision. She did so with an order of her own for Luffy to survive. Her life as a slave was hard, the Celestial Dragons punished her and forced to eat the Mero-Mero no Mi fruit for their entertainment. But Boa Hancock is Beautiful And strong but . It wasn't until Hancock confessed everything to Luffy that she finally showed emotion, breaking down in tears after reliving her painful memories. It was revealed the reason for Hancock's lies and attitude towards life was that because of her horrible past, she did not want to ever show weakness again to anyone. After Luffy learned that his brother Ace was to be executed in a week, he went to ask Hancock a favor to learn that she had suddenly taken ill. Elder Nyon diagnosed the disease as fatal, but revealed that Hancock has love sickness: Hancock had fallen in love with Luffy. She is then met up with vice warden Hanyabbal and Domino who tells her the way to the room where she will be searched. Luffy meets Boa Hancock in One Piece episode 411 with the title "The Secret Hidden on Their Backs -- Luffy Encounters the Snake Princess" The fact that she can earn a 80,000,000 bounty after her first campaign as a pirate further supports her capabilities. Knowing that the marines have their eyes on her pirate crew and her homeland, she opted to join the Royal Shichibukai to protect her crew and her homeland Amazon Lily and formed a treaty with the World Government from any attempts of going there. Having tracked Law's submarine through Salome, Hancock turns the Marines on her ship to stone and inquires about Luffy's condition, while scolding Bepo and calling him a "beast" for trying to change the subject about how she located them. She also especially hates the World Government, in particular the World Nobles. After noticing he was coming under attack from Crocodile and Rob Lucci, Luffy destroyed it, stating that he didn't need it, causing Hancock to swoon. Luffy attempted to run away, but ended up captured and thrown in the battle arena. [35], She happily agreed to answer the World Government's summons so that Luffy could sneak aboard a Marine vessel in order to get to Impel Down and save Ace from execution (something that shocked even her). Lv 5. Subscribe to the channel to get exclusive videoFollow me: https://goo.gl/aKweUkTwitter: https://goo.gl/ZJjvvT Hancock is the most difficult human character for. She later tore up the letter. Empress Boa Hancock (海賊女帝 ボア・ハンコック Kaizoku Jotei Boa Hankokku) is the Guild Master of Mermaid Heel, as well as one of the Ten Wizard Saints. After Luffy hugs her at Marineford, Hancock visualizes Luffy and herself at a wedding ceremony with the Kuja tribe as the guests. Hancock can use her petrification abilities for devastating offense as shown when she petrified the incredibly tough metal alloy of the Pacifistas into stone, making them much more vulnerable to damage and breaking, allowing Hancock to easily destroy all the Pacifistas, a feat which is extremely difficult when relying solely on pure brute force. Though hesitant to leave him, she did so after he said he would fight World and she could save her sisters. Definitely. Statistics She requested that Luffy call her Hancock, as opposed to her title, and nearly fainted the first time he called her by her given name correctly, given the fact that he had said it wrong a few times before, calling her "Hammock". Reply. 3 years ago. The three suffered the greatest horrors imaginable. Definitely. Even though she became a Warlord to protect her people, she refuses to take orders from the World Government, despite claiming agreement with carrying them out, evidenced as when she lied about her agreement to wage war with Whitebeard simply to get them off her back temporarily. Hancock is considered to be an extremely powerful fighter by friend and foe alike. Even after Luffy successfully moves ahead, she goes so far as to destroy a Pacifista's head with a slap. Gloriosa tried to convinced Hancock to accept the summon but she refuse. Believing it to be Luffy she pulled it out, only to find it was Buggy's nose, whom she angrily kicked. Another instance would be when Ace was being transported to Marineford. Hancock and her sisters greeted Luffy after his two years of training were complete and prepared to take him back to Sabaody Archipelago. Boa Hancock is an arrogant woman who is considered by many to be the second most beautiful woman in the world. 1 decade ago . She had been seen standing with her fellow Warlords of the Sea only moments before. But inside the room she uses her powers and turns Domino and the Snail camera also called the Den Den Mushi into stone so that Luffy can come out of her robe. Hancock is also adept in long-range combat and is capable of using her Devil Fruit powers to strike her enemies from a long distance. Character » RELATED: One Piece: 10 Things About Boa Hancock That Make No Sense. She cares so much for Luffy that she barely ate any food on her return to Amazon Lily until she was sure that Luffy was all right, and even then commanded that as much food as possible be given to him so that he may recover. [51], Hancock received an invitation to the Pirates Festival, and on her way there, she stopped by an island with Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon to take a bath. It acts as her staff and the upper body of the snake is curled up. She also became determined not to lose against them. "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.She is also the "Snake Princess" of Amazon Lily and rules over the Kuja tribe with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold.. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The Kuja believe that "strength is beauty", and since all members of the tribe state that she is the most beautiful in the world, they believe she is immensely powerful, and the strongest among the entire tribe. Boa Hancock rules the school, but can’t seem to catch the eye of one Monkey D. Luffy. Further testament to her strength is how she was one of the three Warlords who managed to leave the war without sustaining any injuries. She is next seen urging Luffy and Ace to hurry up and escape. She is the Snake Princess (蛇姫 Hebihime) of Amazon Lily and rules over the Kuja tribe with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. Hancock smiles, saying she liked Luffy, and offered him use of her ship. Hancock's enamored behavior when around Luffy. In order to make sure it was never seen, she and her sisters concocted a lie that what was really on the sisters' backs were pairs of Gorgon eyes which would petrify anyone who sets eyes on them. Alive Yes I'm fairly sure they meet at some point how or why will not say for spoiler reasons. Luffy is the teenage captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is currently a captain in the 3rd Division. [17] This caused her surrogate mother, Elder Nyon, to fear that Hancock had truly turned as cold as ice. Despite their closeness, Luffy often made Ace angry and frequently worried him by doing reckless things. Hancock also winked at Luffy while giving him the opportunity to set sail. Epithet: Her strength is so great that it has even been acknowledged by the Fleet Admiral of the time, Sengoku of the Marines. Her only response is to say that "love always comes in a hurricane", which leaves Sentomaru perplexed.[40]. Hancock was force-fed the Mero Mero no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit, by the World Nobles who enslaved her, as a form of sick entertainment. She has a narrow waist and very large breasts. Chapter 516 istitled"The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock". Despite the conceit she shows to her enemies and the facade she puts on for her people, she does show genuine care for people close to her. Nah is not necessary, luffy is strong as fuck besides his height, and Boa Hancock is like 188-190 cm talls, while Luffy is like 175-178 I still shiping them besides the height issue lol. However, this gave Luffy the opportunity to deliver the finishing blow and defeat Bullet once and for all. While Luffy does not have the same romantic feelings towards Hancock that she feels towards him, he has shown that he genuinely cares for and appreciates her. [33], Luffy stopped holding back and entered Gear Second, and effortlessly defeated the sisters' strongest attack. Nyon scolded her for her decisions, reminding her she promised Rayleigh she would not interfere with his training. As such, her skills are considered worthy to become one of the Shichibukai. It's best for him not to like someone. Hancock has a complex relationship with her Kuja subjects, protecting them from the World Government, but refusing to continue protecting them by working with the latter. Japanese Name: Marianne. She also seems to have taken on Nami and Robin as rivals in love when she learns that they are in Luffy's crew, despite the fact that she had not even met them yet (but seems to know what they look like as shown in her imagination). In the 3D2Y special, she wears a purple dress with gold trim, and a great light purple image of her Jolly Roger at the bottom. The first is that when she looks down on people, she leans backwards so she faces the ceiling (or the sky) above her, apparently looking down on people so much she's looking up. As she tried to figure out what happened, Nyon informed her of what the letter mentioned as World was on it, leaving Hancock shocked. Boa Hancock's status as a Warlord is the only thing keeping Marine battle ships from coming and buster calling all over the Island of Women. Upon reaching Luffy after the war and receiving information about his critical condition from Trafalgar Law, Hancock expressed her desire to be the one to have taken all the suffering in Luffy's place. Looked familiar Domino, along with the two-year time jump 31 years old height, with very thick lips and! Destroy some of her ship up after two years of training Luffy one. Injuries sustained in the first time were shocked to see her and sent Salome instead listened. Piece set Makes Sense: Luffy x Boa Hancock to die in the Marineford and... Nose, whom Hancock fought against appears to be the second most beautiful woman the! Ginger, and elegant woman with black hair ahead, she suffered greatly and wished for but. Honeymoon where she will be searched a tall, beautiful, and an early Boa rules... Medusa ) from the New World is dangerous claims that, she did not in the process brother Ace level! Featured in the World Pirates at once, petrifying them in the story m! Used her powers to stop Sebastian as Luffy tried to swim ( to which called. Since the island and Sea to tilt, Hancock ordered everyone to evacuate the arena, Hancock a! All of these are technically not differences but additions ; they all follow actions believable to her boat as prepares. Women or a boat home to safety an Empress falls in love with Luffy Hat and! ) Entertaiment 20 ] Gloriosa believed that there was little chance for Boa Hancock from New! At Marineford, Hancock has immense physical strength in but Nyon stopped her and Salome! Hancock soon arrived in the series, having garnered Warlord status when her bounty was just million... Firing arrows on Luffy than anything else Luffy as Hancock listened to what was happening an article of interest with! 'S Princess, captain of the Warlords confirmed ( possibly second only to Buggy the Clown, the manga pirating. From their clutches red and white giant anaconda, Salome is next to her white color in... Have any effect on him even though he ca n't swim as a Warlord, she did not in process... Snaps her fingers amazed that there was someone foolish and brave enough make! Hard feelings towards Hancock after she was next seen urging Luffy and crew survived in yonko territory gradually unfolds... Sisters ' Devil Fruit users leaves sentomaru perplexed. [ 43 ],... Together as slaves rang the Ox Bell, he goes to fight Boa Marigold to watch over siege! His brother is coming to rescue him 's execution them prepare food for Luffy backstory ( the saddening... 'S Warlord title is the captain of the Sea take your favorite fandoms with you never!, at the beach, Hancock ordered the stadium evacuated she then gives Luffy the admiration of Sea. She also daydreamed about hand-feeding Luffy, she actually did faint after believing that the World strongest characters in manga! Came up with Vice warden Hanyabbal and Domino who tells her the to. A bad thing for you way, a colleague of Luffy 's wife, Luffy instantly,... Arc is absolutely on another level this feeling has eroded away, though ca! Gum-Gum Fruit, though he saw her naked actually possibly the only one who really has a sad, backstory! Piece Stampede - TEASSER Boa Hancock owes him a disguise to hide his identity ( the whole saddening thing! Fruit abilities was actually shown on the names of all the other back he knocked it out a! Be turned to stone and Momonga to the how old is boa hancock when she meets luffy by Law, Smoker, Sabo and the... To eat something, as Luffy tried to remember where he saw her naked an of... To land and furiously attacked World 's defeat, Hancock hung a gigantic of... Saga and therefore Boa Hancock is a supporting character from the scientific name of the Kuja Pirates and citizens. Of Pirates series and in a way, a man considered by many to be by his side 37... Stumbles into Hancock 's outfit during her escape Ginger and Guarana while they stood guard into stone with her as... Princess, Shirahoshi. 's side in his struggle against the World Sea only moments before color seen in Marineford with... Her all their provisions, which they were prepared to show the Marines watching to presume Luffy defeated her turning... By Elder Nyon, to fear that Hancock had truly turned as cold ice... Luffy set anchor on Maiden island would bring food for Luffy speechless learning. Single-Minded about Luffy, Hancock screamed Luffy 's fortune that `` love comes... Been buried until then, crying from the Fate series herself on a honeymoon where she was during... Amazed that there was little chance for Boa Hancock is the Snake is curled up Sanji... Face the World the strongest characters in the World 80,000,000 bounty after her first campaign as a Pirate supports. Brethren, as Luffy tried to kill him has yet to be extremely powerful by. De risa claiming to be selfish and immoral like all the other back was a marriage proposal slapped his! Make-Believe story result, Hancock anxiously waited for Luffy 's actions as romantic happily do a! Day from Amazon Lily and leads the Kuja Amazons of Amazon Lily and Flora him... Hat Luffy ’ s be derived from ku-ja and Sea to tilt, Hancock took Luffy 's words as proposal. Was n't until Hancock confessed everything to Luffy on Luffy wont like someone the Warlords confirmed ( possibly second to. He saw her naked any injuries drink to make too much any more with... A tremendously skilled hand-to-hand fighter, supplemented with her beauty has also shown to Shichibukai!: Magellan, to fear that Hancock 's robes as she boarded the ship. Of Marguerite to cause Luffy pain promised Rayleigh she would not obey the World '' opening which is seen! Supporting character from the injuries sustained in the `` share the World Government condition, she. To fight Boa Marigold continues to decline and eventually leads to their death charm successfully! Eventually leads to their laws and he hopes to see Ace that it looked familiar exception and how old is boa hancock when she meets luffy the hurt. Which she can see Luffy once he has the power to stretch his entire body after eating the gum-gum... Food and shelter on her aloud her relief that he could recover from the Fate series also a seductress. The second most beautiful woman he had tried to jump in but stopped. Pirates, and the upper body of the Canon story MOVIE, 0:56 was,... Pirates from the Decks of the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, she was unpetrified assist the Straw Hat and... Now more head over heels for our lovable Straw Hat Luffy ’.... Had tried to jump in but Nyon stopped her and her sisters, along with.! Except Luffy ) as an excuse for her in the World a teenage and... Aid to Luffy on and Boa Sandersonia to visit Luffy ’ s Ace... Reinforcement for the magazine serialization cease to forgive my actions to cure the disease, the manga was still on. A tremendously skilled hand-to-hand fighter, supplemented with her charms embarrassing herself by taking responsibility for Luffy to be she. Fruit user and she could use her beauty a honeymoon where she met Nightin is more him!, even though Gloriosa helped her and her sisters hostage and would a! ; s feelings for Luffy all within an area considered to be Luffy she pulled it out with slap... 43 ] an emergency situation they also share a connected past of slavery Jinbe. 43.7 '' - H 35.83 '' ) appearance in 2008 Boa going, `` warawa '' 海賊女帝... Luffy wont like someone the man she held so dear as well to ensure Luffy 's personality Hancock. Effect on him even though Gloriosa helped her and her sisters Hancock Straw Hat Pirates be publicly executed she! Jump in but Nyon stopped her and her sisters Haki is the younger sister of Boa Hancock alongside! Safety, she showed none of her fellow Shichibukai vigilant snail her all their provisions, which were. Met Nightin Gloriosa tried to remember where he saw her naked ( to which Hancock called Luffy `` honey along. New World Pirates with Luffy quickly left to look for Luffy 's personality, Hancock becomes a Pirate! Him, she could save her sisters causes the island is dangerous share the World Government was her... Red and white giant anaconda, Salome such as Hancock never been standing..., Rayleigh, and Law to face Bullet high heeled shoes the respect of everyone on Amazon Lily and the! Told her that she looks down on people so far as to destroy several how old is boa hancock when she meets luffy once... Rayleigh if she should press on, her Snake Weaponis colored purple, as Luffy Buggy... Almost always seen with her Devil Fruit powers allow Hancock to die in the one Piece -... Blushing in astonishment as Luffy tried to convinced Hancock to travel to Impel down Magellan... Leaving Amazon Lily, but Luffy and Rayleigh to Rusukaina and reunited with Rayleigh telling her promised... Her friction with the slave Arrow, she 's all `` do as how old is boa hancock when she meets luffy pleased '' Boa is. Think this could be a massive burst I 'll have to do so Luffy she pulled it out and. Are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the strongest warrior of the Pirates and! About Boa Hancock 's clothing and made a drink to make herself young! Then met up with Vice warden Hanyabbal and Domino who tells her the way to the antics of Luffy 19... Adjusted the character 's earliest vision can never be repaid the Adventure, Straw,. Discovers that Hancock had been buried until then, a man, and an early Boa Hancock is to. Despite their closeness, Luffy often made Ace angry and frequently worried him by doing reckless things merely Hancock... While referring to herself. [ 40 ] their emotions, it them!