in the tracklist. Octo Octa pulls no punches with what the next hour and six seconds is going to be about as The Raid’s ‘Jump In The Air’s opening salvo rings out: “I wanna tell you a story about house”. DJ Mag's top 50 tracks of 2019. Black Coffee - Africa Is Not A Jungle Mix (2019-12-24) Curtam Pessoal esse Set!!! Corp’s nifty remix of ELLLL’s ‘Febreeze’ - and delicate earworms, such as Oceanic’s colourful ‘Yellow Cone (Solo)’ and Linkwood’s hazy ‘Another Late Night’. Inspired by their love of "DJ culture, nature, magic and each other," the dynamic duo have recently set up an imprint called T4T LUV NRG which aims to bring more visibility to trans for trans (T4T) partnerships behind the decks. You can feel the Albanian sand beneath your toes as edits of Portuguese rarities and Senyaka rub shoulders. The place erupts. "TILTED" - HOT SINCE 82 [KNEE DEEP IN SOUND] As a precursor to his debut album in 2019, … But a lightly bruised ego won’t stop most staying steadfast in their appreciation. Leif b2b Peverelist. A podium which had to include resident DJs … This number from Chicago’s Lil’ Louis was one of the first house tracks to … PU$$YRAP is the aural definition of the smiling horn devil emoji. He's got nothing to prove at this point, but his mastery is certainly at an all time high with this display as he flies between breaks, techno and acid. They also dedicate the tail-end of the set to, what Leif terms, a "jungle rinse out hour." All that matters is that the tune symbolises everything about a Beautiful Swimmers mix or DJ set: not too serious and good vibes from start to finish. Proving that theory true is 박혜진 Park Hye Jin, a 24-year-old artist who seems to be able to do it all already, even in the earliest stages of her career. Andyboi - Falling for You ... Jose David JB 10:34 0. Two tracks later they drop Tuff City Kids' phenomenal 'Dreamscape UK' mix of Radio Slave's 'Screaming Hands', a track that makes me misty-eyed and nostalgic about a rave that kicked off when I was -2 years old. Elise LeGrow Club Mix. The track has been sampled numerous times in early jungle (Mickey Finn’s ‘Reality’), hardcore (Ecology’s ‘Feel The Vibe’) and garage (Dub Syndicate’s ‘No Longer’) and now, thanks to the pair’s homage or just pure coincidence, Fauzia and Sherelle are adding their own contribution to that fast, low-end lineage. Hope you enjoy. As a precursor to his debut album in 2019, Hot Since 82 premiered this very ethereal tune from his album on his Essential Mix back in March. The result is an immersive sonic experience featuring Happa’s haunting edit of ‘Persuasion’ by Throbbing Gristle, Upsammy’s hypnotic excursion ‘Words R Inert’ and the deep acidic stabs of Abby Echiverri’s ‘Nadezhda’, among a host of various broken rhythms and enveloping atmospherics. Back in March, Soul Clap launched the first of three releases so far on their club-focused imprint, House Of Efunk Records. Taking clubland thrill-seekers on an unforgettable journey, Jensen Interceptor threw together a multifarious mix of trap, dub, acid, SoundCloud randomness and a whole host of masterful electro on our Impact series. Listen to House Workout Music 2019 Top 100 Running Remixes 8 Hr DJ Mix by Workout Electronica, Running Trance & Workout Trance on Apple Music. Like, when you really think about it, the fact house music is still relevant in 2019 is incredible, right? The tune titled, "Don't Let Get You Down" is beautiful to say the least and it's nearly the year's best. They've got it in their record bags and stored on their USBs and they ain't afraid to unleash all of it within a one-hour set. House of DJs is a dynamic, innovative team with a keen understanding of market trends , a deep passion for music… Ultimately, this mix is an easy, breezy, beautifully blended trip into LDN clubland, mixed by one of the capital’s best. Reggie Watts' endearing vocal work backed up by Tejada's ethereal synth work is pure magic. CC: DISCO!’s transition from Melbourne darling to one of Europe’s most life-affirming DJs has been a quick and fucking fun ride this year. With a Boiler Room and Beats1 mix already under her belt, perhaps the best demonstration of her prowess comes via her i-DJ mix which was released at the top of this year. If there ever was one, "Nata Alma" is deserving of induction into the house music hall of fame. Burial x The Bug? There's really only so much that can be said about this set, but the energy is infectious, even when relived through a screen. Deep House. The moment is pure, unbridled, irrepressible vibes. Fans of both mixes should check out J Chrysalis’ Blowing up the Workshop mix, which includes everything from Freerotation co-founder Steevio’s modular workout ‘Syzygy’ to a cut off The Wind Waker soundtrack. Your primordial urge to dance will take over and the repeating piano loop will stick in your head and never leave. As great as it is to check out DJs who spin things that you've probably never heard, a la Nicolas Lutz and Francesco del Garda, there is something very special about selectors that absolutely nail a balance of tracks you know and love with those you desperately want to ID. Stream the newest Soulful House dj mixes free Page 1 of 15088 Dare I say it, Patrick Topping is the modern, Armand Van Helden. Jody Simms is a tastemaker to follow – play this as loud as possible. 2020-12-18 $1.99 follow: Sebb Junior. We’re talking DJ EZ Boiler Room Moment™ levels. Patrick Topping's 2019 may just be the best year for him yet thanks to not only the launch of his own imprint but especially, the 2nd release on his label, Turbo Time. 1' that "colleges together a genre by scratching-in breaks with horn samples, mixing disco house with broken beats, dropping Miami bass jams with boogie keys and blending rave tunes with disco vocals." Seb Wheeler, The 38 best tracks of 2019 so far The 27 best albums of 2019 so far The best tracks of the 2019 Ibiza SeasonGet the best of Mixmag direct to your Facebook DMs, climactic clip has drawn more than a million views on Facebook, founder of the Hoover Sound label alongside Naina, “Lo fi house (or whatever they call it in 2019) DJ starter pack”, Fauzia and Sherelle’s high-speed NTS show. They don't make them like they do anymore but house music legend, Louie Vega and current heavy-hitters, The Martinez Brothers along with vocalist, Marc E. Bassy sure are the exception with this recently dropped collaboration titled, "Let It Go." An expertly selected mix for the wee hours. This energetic dancefloor excursion is a tale of personal triumph and cultural transcendence that cannot be slept on. Sherelle is a star, and this DJ set marked the moment the wider world caught onto her talent. And on that release was this modern disco masterpiece, "Jill Wears Black." In case you missed it, Italian producer, Luca Donzelli and Spanish producer, Mar-T unleashed this dynamite floor production on Play It Say It back in early May. It’s the kind of thing that’s made for listening to on the way to raves in the dead of night, car full of hyped mates and a stereo pushed to its crackly limits. Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2019: “Vladimir Dubyshkin/Texstasy.” Best Known For: New Russian techno Since starting her record label трип (Trip) five years ago, Russian DJ and producer Nina Kraviz … As Boris and Dominic Cummings push the UK toward oblivion, I need a shot of something stiffer than apathetic house music. A celebratory energy for the enduring power of high-octane dance music courses through the mix, as new skool tracks and edits of Skream, Wiley and Loefah classics blend with the unblemished perfection of DJ Rashad’s back catalogue. Call Super describes the three hour set as "The first (and probably only) recording of us playing together." Time to complete the holy trinity of music listening and present you some of our favourite mixes that have been on rotation this year. Next, we present to you ‘Aquaphoria’, an hour of contemplative power from Kelela and Asmara that debuted during Warp’s 30th anniversary takeover on NTS Radio. Electronic music legends, Louie Vega and Mark Broom respectively appear as well with their own tracks that conquered the landscape. This amalgam of innovative club music shows us that this indefatigable selector, producer and curator is here to shake things up (in the best way possible) and she's only getting started. With so much fire in the locker, it's only a matter of time until everyone's screaming about this Dutchman who always provides the techno space-pace. Along with her partner in crime and life Octo Octa, Eris Drew continues to make a name for herself as one of the scene's most talked about selectors - releasing a selection of electrifying mixes that wow crowds at clubs and festivals of all shapes and sizes. Okay, we’re making a slight exception to our “mostly known for house” rule here: … However, they share a keen eye/ear for detail (see Leif’s ‘Loom Dream’ LP album on Whities and Pev’s brilliant Truants mix) which shines through in this brilliant recording, both artists pulling each other in different directions without either ever losing their moorings. And then some. Finally, he's starting to get the recognition he's been working towards since we first backed him all those years ago. One of the most noteworthy DJ-producers to come out of Canada in recent memory is Vancouver's D. Tiffany. Joyous, pad-filled house, bumping garage, playful breaks and basslines? The crowd is now just one heaving mass of haywire bodies, while Sherelle pulls off a kind yeehaw lassoing manoeuvre. It kicks off a set in which Octo Octa blows through a collection of full-swing garage house face-melters like Bitch’s ‘You Are My Children’ (Dark Black Mix) and ‘Let Me Tell You’ by The Wildchild Experience as well as more introspective dancefloor proggers like Apollo 440 remix of Stealth Sonic Soul whose piano break is straight out of the M25 rave tunes playbook. We couldn't squeeze in quite a few that indeed had amazing tunes in 2019 including Rebuke, Cinthie, Roy Rosenfeld, Sebastien Leger, and a bunch others who all had landmark years. But these hurdles only play into the beauty of CC:DISCO!’s mix. In it, I heard D. Tiffany and Roza Terenzi's fresh remix of LAPS' 'Who Me?' House artists Heavy K and Moonchild Sanelly. Swiss brothers Adriatique not only produce great tracks, they also perform with a deep … III Points' David Sinopoli on the Miami Music Acts to Watch in 2019 Ms. Mada. A reload ensues, not that one, and Sherelle grows into the moment. Extended Family, the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland-spanning mix series of Joyce Lim from 1432 R, invited the pair to do a mix back in February, with them calling it the WOW mix. Making a wide variety of music under her DJ Zozi, Ambien Baby and Plush Throw monikers, D. Tiffany's beautiful, drifting house jams have landed on various Canadian labels such as Pacific Rhythm, 1080p, Heart to Heart and more. Rap fans who give a fuck will know how imbalanced the landscape is (just watch how infrequently Spotify promotes women rappers and the deluge of negative comments they receive on YouTube, for instance), which makes PU$$YRAP vital in its championing of talent, as well as its celebration of sexuality and flexing. So if you aren’t already, make sure you keep it locked on Naina. Seb Wheeler, You know those mixes that just explode from the second you hit play? No other mix in the world this year has captured the attention as much as Sherelle’s Boiler Room debut in February. Opening on DJ Plead’s ‘Still D.R.E’ inspired Arabic rhythms and moving through sharp static overloads, menacing sub-bass, palpitating beats and gruffly intoxicating vocals, it’s a superlative mix that maintains an assured sense of control through hectic highs and murky lows in the energy flow. 2020-07-08T22:20:28Z Buy Winter Special Drop G Mix 2019 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2019 Chill Out Mix By Drop G. Users who like Winter Special Drop G Mix 2019 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2019 Chill Out Mix By Drop G; Users who reposted Winter Special Drop G Mix 2019 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2019 … Louis Anderson-Rich, Any DJ set from Ben UFO in 2019 could land itself on our list. Just before the drop she points powerfully into the air in a pose more iconic than Lord Kitchener, and then the bass kicks in. French Kiss’ – Lil’ Louis. Funster, The frequency of entries into the Late Night Tales series seems to have slowed up recently, but when they do drop, they don’t disappoint and this year’s entry from Floating Points was no different. label. The world has been enchanted by the charming, sometimes English, mostly Korean vocal signatures of South Korean natives like Peggy Gou and Yaeji. All 15 tunes are whipped together with little regard for delicately drawn out blends and more of a no-nonsense attitude that allows for the character of every track to shine. Our network of professional DJs select tracks that are … POS. James Ball, While there are many eclectic artists gaining increased recognition, CCL is fast leading the charge as one of the most unique selectors coming out of North America. Back in early 2017, famed record producer and recording artist, Leon Ware passed along and just a few months later, Swedish producer, Henry Rodrick put out what was presumably his tribute to the late producer using the alias, Soul Reductions. If South Korea isn't on your map right now, you best save the rest of this list for later, do yourself a favor and get familiar. The release of his debut LP 'Mother' on Maceo Plex's Lone Romantic imprint on top of a few wildly successful tour runs in Europe prompted the artist to move to Berlin at the start of 2019. House of DJs is a marketing outfit which provides business solutions to clients using unique Event Concepts & Executions, Music Concerts, out of the box Product Activations and Brand Promotions. Once again, the world’s leading international electronic music magazine, DJ Mag, has revealed its ranking of the best DJs by publishing its Top 100 DJs 2019 results. 'TPF-004' There is something magical about the back-to-back set. The best example of this is when Matthew Herbert's silky ‘Long Night Dub’ of Jamie Lidell's 'When I Come Back Round (Live)' gets mixed into Lighter's UK funky hammer, 'Skanker', a seemingly head-scratching decision with body-shaking results. The a-side of the release was this beauty the duo produced on their Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer. masspool djs digital record pool has access to music provided by record labels, music producers, independent record companies, and recording artists for use by professional Dj’s. But then, when such incredibly exciting new talent like Maya Bouldry-Morrison aka Octo Octa is conducting weekly history lessons with a syllabus of the best (and often underrated) house tunes written into existence, it all becomes very clear why this sound will never die out. Just watch the speedometer, because it’s very easy to get carried away with these two. As we’ve discussed before here on, once you’ve been memed, you’ve made it. As Ben UFO … There have been a number of really great Resident Advisor podcasts this year, from sold’s immersive, ambient-heavy entry to Ash Lauryn’s hard-hitting mix. It's filled to the brim with euphoria along with a sprinkling of acid and a classic vocal hook taken from Ten City's '87 house jammy, "Devotion." Robag Wruhme is arguably responsible for the best album of 2019 but without a doubt, he's absolutely responsible for the best tune of the year. Bake’s Rinse FM show has been one of the station’s more intriguing slots since it started in 2015, covering everything from blissful ambient and balmy Vancouver sounds to snappy techno and blistering funky house. Read this and you'll learn how the work of Tyree Cooper and hip house innovator Fast Eddie inspired her to start collecting records and DJing, planting the seeds of career spinning tunes. It was the third a final track to their Buenos Aires EP and it's the 15th and final tune to top 2019. I think I would have to disagree slightly and say that it would be quite perfect anywhere on the planet. Killer. He expertly weaves a unique sonic story that tickles the senses no matter where or when it's played. You can smell the salt off the Adriatic Sea during the guitar solo in the extended mix of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Family Man’. On this list we are going to look the statistics on who exactly is top of the DJ heap when it comes to salary earnings. Defected. Among the picks are killer sets from radio shows, live streams, podcast series (some we’ve hosted, some we’ve not), mixed releases, and club and festival recordings. LONE's remix of "See U In My Dreams" resides somewhere in the intersection between breakbeats, bass-driven house music, and chilled-out ambient so whatever you want to pigeon-hole it as, it's damn near perfect dance music yet again from the Nottingham producer. Lady Gaga could never. Earlier this year she touched down on with an In Session mix that has gone on to soundtrack everything from pre’s to the gym to the bus ride to work for me ever since. We’ve been treated to a fair share of memorable megastar link-ups so far this year. End times need cathartic music. Mssingno x r‘n’b acapellas*? Patrick Hinton, There is something magical about the back-to-back set. Factually, it’s (almost) nineteen mischievous minutes of hard, fast gabber giddiness that darts between saccharine sweetness and ruff ‘n’ ready, skull-pulverising dramatics to great effect. An electro road warrior with a dynamic and innovative ear, Jensen Interceptor, real name Mikey Melas, has spent the last 10 years grinding in the studio and his productions are currently operating at peak performance. Download exclusive house tracks and explore our catalog of high-quality format house tracks at Beatport - the world's largest music store for DJs. - ??' At once classic, cutting-edge - and potent - The Face could not have hoped for a more fitting soundtrack to its return than this. One fist pumps pneumatically while her free arm holds back the baying masses as she struggles not to capsize amid the chaos. There are some streams that you put on in the background and never revisit. Sean Griffiths. Welsh maestro Leif’s first night as a Pickle Factory resident in March, where he played a back-to-back set alongside Bristolian don Peverelist, is one such example of a back-to-back set ripe with spontaneity and fun, Leif’s balmier sounds slotting alongside Pev’s penchant for weightier, percussion-led tracks. This is guided meditation for when the going gets tough – thank you object blue. Doing The Damage filters out all the junk, delivering dance floor bullets for DJs playing House & Dance Music. Valerie Lee. The first edition of remixes from Âme's Dream House LP came long after the album's release but it was well worth the wait because Solomun's dance-floor focused remix is about as ethereal and dreamy as they come. Dave Turner. Patrick Hinton. While she rarely posts mixes online, last month Groove Magazine locked in a podcast with this formidable selector who treats us to a rousing hour of unreleased music on Planet Euphorique and ISLA Records - the label run by her Ambien Baby collaborator, NAP. Just like the car model that he's adopted as his moniker, this Australian producer's steely sound is sleek, speedy, elite and tenacious. A fairly bold claim, and hard to qualify, but one I feel justified making following the feeling in the room on the night and the viral sensation it became. Industry awards went to Ibiza Music … That, it turns out, is called 'Hit It Tool' from a various unknown artists release on Honest Jon's affiliate label Ghost Phone. Pop music, like the meme targets above, often faces scorn for being well-liked and established as good. This is followed by an incredible series of tracks that veer between the pitched down trance of Hanson & Nelson's 'Move In Motion' to Carter Tutti’s remix of Chris & Cosey’s ‘Lost Bliss’, which gleams with glittery, arpeggiated glory. People are dancing as if there aren't at least three cameras pointed directly at them at any given moment and the Funktion-One monitors are bouncing up and down with the room, nearly threatening to cave in on Ben's small stature. Kala has heralded rave reviews for its inviting atmosphere and incredible setting but live recordings can be hit and miss. And yet it remains a dominant sound on dancefloors across the world. download the latest Old Skool dj mixes by Old Skool djs from around the world. Speaking of, a slew of classic Warp names and new wave avant-gardists feature across the mix; Kelela singing over the likes of Aphex Twin (‘Untitled’), OPN (‘Physical Memory’) and Autechre (‘Altibzz’) all producer x vocalist combos I never knew I needed. Indeed, paying respect to dance music that runs at 160bpm and above is the MO of XTC. Not just one of the best to come out of 2019 but a very reliable tune that'll sound just as good in 2029 as it does now.