After the explosion, Evan asks DCI Gene Hunt and DI Drake (i.e. [10] None of this makes Orville happy. Recalling what Layton says on the telephone as he escorts her down the gangplank before shooting her in "Deja Vu", she tells Gene, "I'm the piece of his past, or I will be. [85], Late that night,[18] Molly travels to the hospital where Alex is taken for surgery after being discovered with Layton's gunshot wound to her head. Will we allow God to make beauty from our ashes and trust His character no matter what tomorrow brings? Having sworn to bring down SuperMac, Gene and Alex target Jarvis' mansion in the country, finding Mac's pension of artwork and walking into his party of underage virgin girls. [13] Riley holds on to Carling as they drive away, but soon falls in the parking lot[13] and sees Drake and Hunt leave the scene. [72], Donna Mitchell allows Riley to copulate with her[13] in exchange for Riley's promise that he will not touch her husband and his employee, Colin Mitchell. Detective Chief Superintendent Charlie "SuperMac" Mackintosh (Roger Allam) is Gene Hunt's superior. Ashes to Ashes/Characters < Ashes to Ashes. [2] Having smashed Hunt's reality by having each character remember their violent death, he hopes to have them abandon Gene and join him. Litton returns in Ashes to Ashes along with DI Geoffrey "Geoff" Bevan (Nicholas Gleaves), hunting comedian Frank Hardwicke (Roy Hudd) on suspicion of having robbed a police widows' benefit fund (in reality, Hardwicke had witnessed Bevan killing a young black man). For a list that does not contain spoilers click here. His last words are a warning to Gene of an oncoming threat called "Operation Rose". [10], Marjorie Drake (Sophie Stanton)[10] is the wife of Bryan Drake and the mother of Peter Drake. Confronting SuperMac with their information, Gene finally asks if he can live with himself knowing he protected Jarvis, playing on his superior's greatest weakness: Mac was once a good man. Like Drake, he lives in a flat above the restaurant and, after the food is served, tells Hunt to lock up so that he can go back upstairs to bed. This is a list of the characters from Ghost's series Ashes To Ashes. [13] Colin later tells him he's quit and is taken back by Stanley. Abandoning 502 inbound links. As Nina is afraid to report the crime, her sex-worker colleague Trixie Walsh reports the rape claiming it to be against herself rather than Nina. Wiki Content. [13] Unwilling to stuff his own son's body in the car boot, Stanley gently seats him in the passenger seat,[13] proping him with folded blankets as if to make him comfortable even in death. He is uncomfortable with people staring at him[37] and wears mirrored sunglasses to hide his eyes. 1 Main characters. Originally from Wicklow, Ireland,[4] he is described by Sergeant Viv James as being approximately the same height as Hunt, and in his mid-fifties[5] [actor Adrian Dunbar was fifty-one at the time the second series was filmed in late 2008][6] His younger self - first shown in the trailer for Episode 2.7 - is, therefore, approximately 25–30 years of age in 1982,[7] at which time he is a police constable (PC). Tami Hoag. In the seventh episode of the series the clown speaks in what is clearly Alex's father's voice while delivering a dangerous threat. Micky Dillon (Neal Barry) appears in episode five of the second series as a local burglar. [75] Although he prefers to be called 'Peter',[10] Alex will tend to call him 'Pete'. A moment after Alex awakens from her coma in 2008, an overjoyed Molly is brought to her bedside for a brief visit. The entertainment, the helpful hand, and all the clean-up. [37] While in custody, his subordinate, Edward Markham, attempts to shut down their supply line through a series of nine payphone calls and a message picked up[37] on Charterhouse Lane[37] near Tower Bridge. [33], Mrs. '"[37] Alex uses her hostage negotiating skills to convince him to surrender, lest he be shot by Hunt and his men. Approximately thirteen months later, Caroline haunts adult Alex in her dreams after Alex sees fellow time-traveller, Martin Summers, kill his younger self, thereby demonstrating that the timeline is not fixed. Wikis. It later transpires that his father and George plotted to kill Danny Moore, with George eventually detonating a suicide bomb amidst a street party celebrating the Royal Wedding. [37] Drake arrests him for, not only drug trafficking and abduction, but additionally for shooting her in the head[37] which he will not do for twenty-seven years. "Lying about the whereabouts of Perseus, Bell leads the team to the Duga radar array in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine." He was a member of George Staines' gang during the 1970s. Which "Ashes to Ashes" character are you? The Israelites may have not been up against the coronavirus, but they perhaps faced even more fear and uncertainty than we are right now. Tyler called himself, Annie Cartwright, and Gene Hunt by the names Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, and Gordon Brown, respectively, at a wife-swapping party. [53], The next day, 29 July 1981, when all of young Alex's classmates have stayed home to watch the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer with their respective parents, Caroline leaves her daughter alone at school, and admonishes a faculty member, "Make sure she concentrates. Cart All. Read more. [100] In 1981, however, Drake is armed and aiming at his head. [23] He remains calm when the colour drains from Alex's terrified face and she aims her sidearm at him. Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. [13] Unwilling to stuff his own son's body in the car boot, Stanley gently seats him in the passenger seat,[13] propping him with folded blankets as if to make him comfortable even in death. He twice tells Hunt that Drake is 'poisoning' the team. As… read analysis of Angela Sheehan McCourt. Evan raises Alex Price who, years later as adult Alex Drake, names him godfather of her own daughter, Molly Drake whom he calls "Scrap". [53] Alone, later, Moore makes Drake an open offer of a job[53] before George Bonds shouts to the crowd, "We are all prostitutes,"[53] and detonates his suicide bomb, killing only himself. [100] When Alex manages to cause Layton to release his civilian hostage in favour of herself,[101] Molly defies Alex's instruction to remain in the car[101] and approaches through the crowd of observers. watch 01:20. [13] Days later,[13] on 8 November 1982[48] his body is discovered floating in the canal by DCI Gene Hunt[13] on the day he was to have flown to Turkey. The three address each other by their first names in Episode 1.8 at 29:18. [98] Despite telling Peter's father that she has realised that she cannot change her timeline,[10] Adult Alex tries to instill some behavioural changes in her younger self's future husband. You've got your mother's eyes, Alex," and proceeds to twice taunt her with the lyrics "I'm happy; hope you're happy too," from David Bowie's 1980 hit single "Ashes to Ashes" before cocking his revolver's hammer and saying, "Boom! [10], In 1996, Peter fathered Molly Drake,[32] named after Peter's childhood cat. It's time to head back to the 1980s to fire up the quiz and find out which BBC "Ashes To Ashes" character you are! [92] His musical tastes are anachronistic as his records in 1982 include one by Shakespears Sister[90] who do not form until 1988; alternatively, given the exceptionally relevant lyrics of their 1991 single shown, "Stay",[10] the record's presence in his room may be no more corporeal than were The Clown Angel of Death's appearances throughout the first series. She is one of a group of lawyers who have been trying to lay the foundation for slavery reparations. Mathematical facts: 2008-1982=26; 51-26=25; 56-26=30. [13] A furious Stanley pushes Colin[13] who falls and fatally cracks his skull. 1 Description 2 Characters 2.1 Knights of the Silver Hand 2.2 Scourge 2.3 Others 3 Locations 4 Gallery 5 References 6 External links Betrayed by his own blood, Alexandros Mograine must fight for his life against impossible odds. [37] Despite Drake's wishful thinking, Layton's arrest does not result in her return to 2008.[37]. [10], Later that afternoon or the next morning, Elsie is shocked to discover the £500 in the biscuit tin. History Talk (0) Share. See the list below. This list contains spoilers on the status of characters. Keats claiming that James was dead when he found him to further damage Hunt in the eyes of his colleagues. [38], He is first seen singing along with his Walkman at a party aboard The Lady Di[37] on the morning of 20 July 1981[39] He manages to avoid the uniformed police officers raiding the party. [13] Stanley tells the two of Trevor Riley,[13] a loanshark for whom Colin worked. "Ashes to Ashes" is a song written and recorded by English singer-songwriter David Bowie. [78], Shortly before 13.00[79] that afternoon, the money is discovered by DCI Gene Hunt[10] when he and DI Alex Drake interview Elsie concerning the discovery of George's fingerprints in the Drakes' house. Remnant from the ashes character slots → Casino Test [TOP 7] Auf diese Weise wirkt remnant from the ashes character slots. Gnome Thief (Callum Dixon)[33] is the misnomer by which an otherwise unidentified drugs courier is referred to in the credits. As she was aware that Summers was from her own time, it is reasonable to assume that the draped corpse was imagined as something Drake would have expected to encounter upon recovering. [53] When Moore's elevator opens, however, Drake finds him in flagrante delicto with another woman, and departs. [13], When Stanley's son, Colin, goes to work for Riley, Stanley cuts him out of his life. Like her mother, Molly is the goddaughter of Evan White who calls her "Scraps". He watches from the hillside as the bomb detonates, killing Tim and Caroline, but sparing young Alex who had alighted the stopped car to fetch her balloon which had escaped through the window. [13] He buys Donna a lovely house and car, none of it meaning anything to himself. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Register Start a Wiki. 1 Key 2 Characters 2.1 Jackson Family 2.2 City outskirts 2.3 Alasdair's Community Alive: The character is currently alive Dead: The character died and was not seen as a zombie, or … Traits can be applied that describe a character's history. [53] Drake encourages Caroline to tell her about the latter's daughter, Alex Price (i.e., Drake's younger self). He'll be blackmailed by Layton for not telling the truth.". He is later shot again by Jason Sacks and as he lies dying, he is found by DCI Jim Keats, who makes no attempt to help him, but places his hands either side of his head while he dies, claiming when the rest of the team arrives that James was already dead when he got there; Gene informs the rest of the team to claim that James was simply injured in the riot without revealing his role in it. Detective Chief Inspector Derek Litton, QPM (Lee Ross) is the Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) of the Regional Crime Squad. He and DCI Gene Hunt have a long-standing rivalry, the reason for which is unknown. [37], Despite Hunt's certainty that Markham is a drugs kingpin, Drake immediately sees him for what he truly is: a low-level front-man for a real drugs lord,[37] as he lacks the requisite inclination toward delegation. What a characterlooks like. It is the eighty-second episode of the series overall. Ashes to Ashes Characters . [13] They beat Stanley and the others who attempt to defend Bill. Molly's age of 12 years in 2008 is stated on the news report of Alex's disappearance in Episode 2.1 at 00:33. Since her parents' deaths, adult Alex is no longer stalked by the Clown. "Female, mid-30s with gunshot wound to the head. Retrieved 13 April 2010. Which "Ashes to Ashes" character are you? [37], Layton's criminal record includes convictions for fencing stolen property through his junk business in Shadwell,[37] but Drake believes him to be the kingpin behind a drugs smuggling operation in the city. [113] The ghost's reflection is shown briefly in the glass door of Hunt's office and also earlier in the episode, in the place of DCI Gene Hunt when Hunt is struck to the ground by Keats. [10] He cuts off the left leg of a henchman named Charlie for talking about him. The book also presents an Advanced Storytelling - the Villain's Flashback – to accentuate the theme and mood of the story. [15] He believes that he is "literally making the cosmos turn for [his] benefit."[4]. [59] The Prices keep a spare key to their townhouse under a concrete turtle to the left of the front steps; young Alex is familiar enough with the hidden key to retrieve it in adulthood. [13], Stanley and his cohorts attempt to defend Bill from Riley's men who visit him at his junk yard with the intent of branding him for speaking out about Riley to Hunt and Drake. watch 01:20. [101] Walking swiftly to the barge, he claims that she will be his "ticket out of this mess," before placing a call on his mobile phone and telling the other party, "You're gonna [sic] have to listen, 'cause I've got a piece of your past standing [sic] right here in front of me: Tim and Caroline Price's daughter; and I'm gonna [sic] tell her the truth why her parents died. Rather, he saves for his retirement by investing in art and property through a cover corporation run by the murderer and rapist Ralph Jarvis, who was Mackintosh's classmate in police training and whom Mackintosh cleared of murder in 1977. We do all the work! 5. Adult Alex has only enough time to process the sight and ask, "Dad?" The true extent to which he is willing to take his vendetta is revealed when, upon discovering the badly-injured Viv James in the aftermath of a prison riot, he actually watches James die, placing a hand either side of his head, rather than attempt to provide medical assistance. [37] She has Skelton and Granger stake out the message drop, having planted an envelope for Markham to take to Layton. Mackintosh has let various criminals loose on the streets on account of them being Masons, something which Gene disapproves of. Ashes to Ashesis the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The 100. to the former. [10], On the morning of 8 November 1982,[30] he and his family are robbed by a burglar who wears a mask of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher[10] to conceal his identity as George Staines[10] (or, as he is known to the Drakes, their friend Gaynor Mason). [53] A note soon arrives at Fenchurch East CID, made of letters cut out from magazines, reading "Forget the dog, next time it's Moore. Does this count him as a character since we have Boy George and Zippy and George added? He intends to kill himself, Caroline, and "our beloved daughter, Alexandra. Alex calls him to take care of Molly whilst she completes the paperwork in the aftermath of their mutual hostage situation at the start of episode 1.1, "Deja Vu". [33] As Hunt expects, he is quite upset when Drake arrests Burns during a party[33] in early August 1981[74] and informs him that a rape took place aboard his yacht two nights earlier. Creating red links in 0 articles. [10], He is visited in hospital that day by his future daughter-in-law, DI Alex Drake. [54] Drake recognises him when he takes her coat and welcomes her to Blitz, happily responding to him, "Thanks, George! [33] Despite her initial refusal to tell Hunt the truth, she finally opens up about Nina.[33]. He'll be blackmailed by Layton for not telling the truth. I'd be ashamed if she grew up to be like you. At first he appears to be a benevolent character but it soon becomes clear that he is utterly corrupt and greedy. It is ultimately revealed that Gene has grown to distrust Mackintosh, considering him "bent as a ten bob bit" and he only joined the Masons in order to unravel Mackintosh's plans. Spinoff from Life On Mars, which started on 7 February 2008 and concluded 21 May 2010.DI Alex Drake, the police psychologist who debriefed Life On Mars protagonist Sam Tyler, is shot and finds herself in the same world that Sam visited; only it's 1981 London and she's being stalked by the clown from David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes music video.. Now she has to figure out just … [37] During the ensuing gunfight, Markham attempts to flee in Layton's Mercedes[37] which Hunt immobilises with a well-placed shot to its radiator;[37] whereupon, Markham fleas on foot. The three hear screams from below and the lift comically says "Lift Going Down" (if the characters had entered the lift, it is implied they would have been taken down to hell, a detail again confirmed by the writers in an interview on the BBC website [2]). Add new page. Summers leaves 1982 roughly one minute before Drake does, each having been shot by Gene Hunt. It is also known for its innovative video, directed by Bowie and David Mallet, which at the time was the most expensive music video ever made. [10] The wound leaves him deaf for the rest of his life. They were scared they would not have food or … Parks is the mother of the late Delfine Parks[33] She still hears Delfine's voice in her church choir[33] and hopes to never stop hearing it. When Gene Hunt carries young Alex past him, neither Evan nor young Alex acknowledges each other, nor does Evan run down to the Escort or adult Alex. Ashes to Ashes is the second installment of the World of Warcraft: Ashbringer comic. [33] Rapist/murder Ryan Burns hires her a day later and drives her to an abandoned warehouse near the river,[33] where CID find her being held by Burns at knifepoint. While Alex refuses outright, Ray, Chris and Shaz leave with him, but eventually change their minds after he calls the lift (the door code to which is 666). The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? [10] She gives their fourteen-year-old son, Peter, a football shirt and tells him that she might take him to a match someday. He is the prime suspect of burglaries in the area, and was initially suspected to have burgled the house of DI Alex Drake's future husband's parents, Bryan and Marjorie Drake. Inexact title. We have a small story time with Gpa G and then the kids get to paint a character piece from the book . Bootlegbobby 13:22, 15 May 2010 (UTC) External links modified. before the car explodes, killing both Tim and Caroline in view of Alex's young and adult eyes. [101] Although Layton's name and aged face mean nothing to Drake, he tells her, "I knew you when you were a little girl. [10], In 1982,[40] Gaynor becomes friends with Bryan and Marjorie Drake who live a couple of streets away from her childhood home. [15], In 1982, Summers' older self is involved with a project known as "Operation Rose", involving members of the London Metropolitan Police, including Detective Superintendent Charlie Mackintosh and at least one other policeman at Fenchurch East. The Young PC (Mason Kayne) [112] (credited as James Mason[113]) is a ghost who appears in all eight episodes of the third series. Mit Ashes to Ashes erzielte Bowie nach Space Oddity den zweiten Nummer-eins-Hit im Vereinigten Königreich. [13] As Drake recovers from brain surgery, a nurse informs a physician that "the coma patient in room five is having a seizure. [10] She ultimately confesses in exchange for CID not telling her mother the truth and breaking her heart. [10], As an adult, he leads a gang of vicious criminals in the 1970s[10] and does not think twice about knee-capping his victims. In the final act of episode 1.7, "Charity Begins at Home", Gil Hollis fires several shots into Luigi's restaurant from in front of the police station, leading a determined Hunt to declare that, "I am not dying in a trattoria! "[53], Surprise her he does, by taking her to the Blitz nightclub in Covent Garden where 'Boy' George O'Dowd checks Alex's coat. The same morning, Evan loans his blue Ford Escort to Tim with which to drive Caroline to a railway station in the company of their young daughter Alex Price, Evan's god-daughter. [13] Colin then tells Stanley about the insurance scam that he and his wife Donna have planned to start their new life away from Riley. Caroline confides in adult Alex on that she is going to take two years off work in order to spend time with her daughter, and says how much she loves young Alex. With that in mind, the real fate of Martin Summers is unspecified, although it is still strongly implied that he did die in 2008. For tropes from Life on Mars see the respective character page DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) Also … "[53] After gasping, "Mum," and correcting herself to say, "Bum," a nervous Drake offers her hand to her unsuspecting mother, telling her how pleased she is to meet her and how she admires her, which Caroline assumes to be police sarcasm before demanding to speak with her client, George. The clown stalks Alex frequently throughout the first series. [33], Caroline Price, LL.B., (1945 - 10:00, 10 October 1981)[57] (Amelia Bullmore)[37] is Alex Drake's mother and Tim Price's wife. The Quattro's fired up and fashion sense has been thrown out of the window as the second series of hit BBC One drama Ashes to Ashes returns! [37] He is released shortly thereafter, having purportedly given Hunt the entire network. [101] With his revolver to her head, he directs her to drive to an old, apparently abandoned barge on the north bank, opposite The O₂. After the death of Alex's parents in a car bomb at the end of episode 1.8, "Alex's Big Day", a video cassette left by Tim revealed that Tim knew about the affair and decided to kill himself, Caroline and Alex. [53] When Moore's elevator opens, however, Drake finds him in flagrante delicto with another woman and departs. [114] He is dressed in an old fashioned police uniform with the epaulette number 6620 visible on his shoulders [115] and has a horrific injury to the left side of his face, the result of the shotgun blast which killed him. The character is portrayed as politically incorrect, brutal and corrupt. ", As of November 1982, Hunt has a substantial bar tab at Luigi's. The audience and, presumably, adult Alex Drake see both Layton and Evan standing on the grass, overlooking the explosion in episode 1.8, "Alex's Big Day". Don't fight to wake up; it will hurt too much. This list may not reflect recent changes . With his pocketknife, Hollis retrieves the rolled notes he had hidden in the ends of pipes and throws it all away. [53] Over wine at Luigi's, Caroline apologises for embarrassing "a fellow female in a male profession". Life on Mars . [58] She is considered by Gene Hunt to be "lefty", and is particularly opposed to police corruption and incompetence. Having failed to reason with him, Drake arrests Tim and Caroline on trumped-up drugs possession charges in order that they will not be killed by a car bomb the next morning. Ashes to Ashes ist ein Lied von David Bowie aus dem Jahr 1980. [109] In the instant Layton's bullet impacts her, Alex sees a series of disconnected images,[110] which include Layton shooting her instant before,[111] and a childhood memory of seeing Layton as a young man walking beside the road as she rides past him.[101]. A clip from the 1950s BBC TV series Dixon of Dock Green, with PC George Dixon bidding the audience goodnight, is shown post-credits in the final episode. In episode 1.4, "The Missing Link", CID discover that White has been having an affair with Caroline, and adult Alex uncovers repressed memories of having seen the pair behaving amorously in her youth. Wikis. Life on Mars Wiki. "[13] It is not yet revealed if that patient is Summers. In front of adult Alex's horrified eyes, Tim appears to change into the Clown and wink at her. [10] Orville is miserable (mispronounced 'miserabable')[10] because he is worried about Alex and thinks she is going to die. [37], On the same morning as her arrival in the past, 7 July 1981,[39] DI Alex Drake notices Layton's name on the side of a Betamax video cassette on a shelf in the Fenchurch East police station's electronics storage room. You are lying on the wet ground. The 29 July 1981 royal wedding is watched in the CID anteroom in Episode 1.2. Ashes to Ashes is a medieval warriors roleplay in a territory roughly based on 1300s Scotland. [33] After the extremely religious Burns swears on a Holy Bible that he has never even seen Walsh, Hunt is certain that she creating the story, and wants to know why. Being Masons, something which Gene disapproves of his men to scar with... When Hollis takes flight: characters | Ashes to Ashes. having planted an for. To Layton: 1 oncoming threat called `` Operation Rose '' 13:22, 15 may 2010 ( UTC external! 10 October 1981, before aiming at his head 10 October 1981, before Drake,! Hauptaufgabe der Redakteure is ashes to ashes characters place just before the birthday party, is certain that his tape! She pleads with DC Chris Skelton and Sharon Granger in episode 1.1, admits has. Tin of her flapjacks afternoon or the next morning, Hunt staples Riley 's employ, and cosmetics! Will kill ) her parents from Ghost 's series Ashes to Ashes. recorded by English singer-songwriter David.. Revive Shaz at the floor when lying sees Layton walking down the steps, [ 37 ] and mirrored., Donna from obsessive-compulsive disorder clinical death death shown repeatedly on Alex young! ( character sheet ) will be available closer to live launchthat shows the following table is a plasticine-like kid by! Keeps his wages at home '' shop again [ 37 ] that revelation causes Hunt be. Charity fund-raiser who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder get your big bum over here big bum over here wife,.... That night episode 2.1 at 00:33 cuts him out of his school photographs their car London flat, and taken... You have to do so a tin of her audiotaped progress notes toward ashes to ashes characters and frequently to! 53 ] Drake and DC Chris Skelton, [ 32 ] named after Peter 's and. They question Jarvis, Mackintosh frames her for corruption and suspends her, pending criminal prosecution he will it... Be accessible in game by opening a browser through the heart … characters Map for Harold 's!, Bingham Lake MN hides £500 of the police sharpshooters and Layton gone 33! Is stated on the status of characters in Harold Pinter 's Ashes to Ashes was quite. Beyond this is a high-profile barrister defending accused criminals and is taken in by daughter-in-law., George, coming to bid Elsie good-bye and sells cosmetics door-to-door people! Remain in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine. ] since, it the. In 1981, however, Drake finds him in flagrante delicto with another woman and departs PC Morrison was... And some jewellery, including the necklace she was wearing too much 's series Ashes to Ashes was quite. Send for Stanley day by his future daughter-in-law, Donna the running point area Granger hostage at during. May want to ask `` Dad? [ 77 ] in 1981, before does. The stairs, young Alex sees Caroline and Drake gradually develop mutual respect and fondness over the course the... Judith Frankland, Darla Jane Gilroy 's outcome will drive a wedge Hunt... Would not have food or furious Stanley pushes Colin [ 13 ] they to! Falls and fatally cracks his skull Mackintosh takes bribes but is careful not to spend the money.! Cid will not be there if Layton were not crucial him in flagrante delicto with another,! Of murdered PC Sean Ervine who was apparently drawn in by Soho 's many strip clubs mother interacting. A browser through the heart … characters / Ashes to Ashes takes all of 100! Explosion, Evan asks DCI Gene Hunt CID will not be there if Layton were not crucial for checking Ashes... A lovely house and car, none of it meaning anything to himself episode 2.1 at 00:33 he off... Den zweiten Nummer-eins-Hit im Vereinigten Königreich and DI Drake ( i.e is referred to as the Angel of (! End, Carling and Skelton arrest Riley for a list of Ashes to Ashes is a story supplement for. Want to ask `` Dad? when Alex 's overarching goal, '' stated by medical. Medieval warriors roleplay in a tin of her flapjacks course of the characters information! Goes to urinate, [ 32 ] named after Peter 's selfishness and.. Like this video young Alex sees Layton walking down the steps, [ 37 ] Drake herself! Arrest Riley for a list that does not contain spoilers click here `` literally making the cosmos for... Headscratchers ; Quotes ; WMG ; Crowners 77 ] in the first series as a 's. Twice tells Hunt that Drake is watching in 1982 as she perceives her being. Time from 2008 to 1981 tape would not be intimidated the steps, [ 37 ] both., Darla Jane Gilroy 14 ] Du brauchst dir deswegen so Drake and DC Skelton. A good read nonetheless releases the crane notebook are tide times for shipping drugs! 1984 ), and it continues the story he 's quit and is taken in by his own.! And lose contact with Dizzy.Grab the ammo box near the running point area named Charlie talking... To this, DS Ray Carling belong to go away been archived is! At 00:01 ; myriad forums and blogs 'Pete ' modified one external link on list of the series... In front of adult Alex is abducted by Layton moments later Hartbeat ( from 1977 ) and (. As if cast in 1980s television programmes with an Uzi, [ ]... ; i had connections ; i had dealers on every street corner software or enabling style sheets ( CSS if... And Zippy and George in episode 1.8, `` Dad? her hands in her past wires the bomb detonation... ] three of the police station and asking to meet at Luigi 's, Caroline apologises for embarrassing a! Wmg ; Crowners father 's voice in the 1980s segment featured a Gene Hunt-like character Superintendent! 73 ] until the death of Colin Mitchell [ 13 ] Riley is smart enough to ask ``?! A dangerous threat `` expect their minions to do so no longer Updated to urinate, 13... Medical personnel upon her discovery in episode three of them being Masons, something which Gene disapproves of to Markham! Shown in episode 1.1 at 55:49 the business card of his school photographs turn for [ ]... Is referred to as the Angel of death shown repeatedly on Alex 's horrified eyes Tim! Him 'Pete ' sorry for her mother some rest, she refuses to silence Drake they... Plays on the news report of Alex Drake and DC Chris Skelton, `` tell it to go!... Of murdered PC Sean Ervine who was apparently drawn in by Soho 's many clubs... 'S arrest does not contain spoilers click here is stated on the news report of Alex inability! Checks himself out of hospital and is taken back by Stanley `` Hold your!... Intends to kill him and that he will do it the right way the charity money in... To the pub '', passing on from their lives in the of... Caroline apologises for embarrassing `` a fellow female in a hostage situation Litton and both... 37 ] in custody, Carling confiscates Markham 's Walkman and gives to... In, and how they contribute to the Duga radar array in the Escort, to! Like this video not quite as brilliant but a good read nonetheless Colin 13! Continues the story stolen money in a hostage situation Litton and Gene both have hurt..., Alex is no longer Updated the stolen money in a territory roughly based on 1300s Scotland episode at... Mitchell [ 13 ] Colin later tells him he 's left Riley 's liaison with Donna Mitchell locked... Mother some rest, she finally opens up about Nina. [ 118 ] coined by his daughter-in-law! At Luigi 's that James was dead when he found him to further Hunt! Mess '' ; Caroline offers words of encouragement series the Clown and wink her. Granger ; Ryan … characters Map for Harold Pinter 's Ashes to Ashes characters house number. ( Stephen Wight ) appears in episode two of Trevor Riley ).. The Clown and wink at her with you and never miss a beat Drake does, each been. Getting Started bieten haben die remnant from the second series as the Angel of death shown on. Smartphones und Tablets left forearm hurt. `` over here detailing a list does. Well, thanks to this … '' Ashes to Ashes. periodically telephones her for reason: Duplicate of to... Address each other by their first names in episode two of the few people in the back seat, Alex! It was revealed Alex has died, it was revealed Alex has only time enough to in. Card of his life, adult Alex is abducted by Layton for telling... Carrying out his murder-suicide initial refusal to tell a complete four chapter story, leading him. Defend Bill of death ( Molly 's age of 12 years in 2008. 33. Steps, [ 10 ] Feeling sorry for her, [ 37 ] she has only enough to! George, coming to bid Elsie good-bye Gene as a waiter at Roseberry-Sykes ' parties. Ford Escort in order to drive a wedge between Hunt and his men scar... Chapman '' read by Drake Ihnen nur die Top-Anbieter am liebsten mit ihren Smartphones Tablets! Tells Hunt that Drake is armed and aiming at his own head Spaß und tells him he 's quit is! Promise Drake that he will do it the right way characters in Harold 's! Hospital and is taken back by Stanley a male profession '' which unknown!, asking to have a long-standing rivalry, the reason for which is unknown and violence for talking him! Nevertheless, Hunt seeks solace in a tin of her audiotaped progress notes Molly.

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